A constant horizontal force on a 200 n is applied

The g-force acting on an object in any weightless environment such as free-fall in a vacuum is 0 g. The g-force acting on an object under acceleration can be much greater than 1 g, for example, the dragster pictured at top right can exert a horizontal g-force of 5.3 when accelerating. The second law describes the response of the object to a force being applied ... shoes pulls with a constant horizontal force of magnitude 20 N on a box of mass 40 kg ... Two blocks, weighing 80 N and 50 N, respectively, sit side by side in contact with each other on a frictionless horizontal surface. (a) If a constant horizontal force of 40 N is applied to one of ...1. 100 N/m 3. 250 N/m 2. 125 N/m 4. 500 N/m No Explanation Available. 1 7. A force applied to a block, causing it to accelerate along a horizontal, frictionless surface. The energy gained by the block is equal to the 1. work done on the block 3. impulse applied to the block 2. power applied to the block 4. momentum given to the block

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A man drags a table 3.55 m across the floor, exerting a constant force of 48.0 N, directed {eq}32.0^{\circ} {/eq} above the horizontal. (a) Find the work done by the applied force.

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4. An object is pulled along a horizontal surface by a force that is directed up and to the right. The mass of the object is 50.0 kg. The applied force is 200.0 N directed at an angle of 30.0° above the horizontal. The magnitude force of friction is 60.0 N. The magnitude of the normal force is a) 1.00 10 2N b) 3.90 10 2N c) 4.90 10 2N Answer (b)

A horizontal force of 200 N is applied to move a 55 kg television set across a 10 m level surface.

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